Circle Themed Small Apartment In Beautiful Blue & Bronze Decor

Pastel blue, teal and bronze tones bedeck this 94.6 square metre apartment in Zakharova, Minsk, Belarus, designed and visualised by Zrobym Architects. The shades, from each side of the spectrum come together to make a welcoming warm palette with a peaceful quality. There is a circular theme running throughout the home interior too. Wall art and nesting coffee tables have a circle aesthetic, along with large round wall mirrors, orb pendant lights, flush fitting ceiling lights, semi circular wall shelves and curvaceous dining chairs. Sliding glass doors keep the small rooms feeling open and airy, and concealed storage volumes keep them tidy.

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A modern chandelier is the living rooms crowning glory, challenged only by a very beautiful powder blue modern sofa. A blue area rug pulls the peaceful pastel shade farther into the room. Minimalist wall art has a circular subject which matches the orb shades on the pendant light; black wall sconces extend from round mount plates to extend the circle theme.

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Round nesting coffee tables bring a monochrome moment to the centre of the living room rug. A modern glass display cabinet has been set in underneath a soffit; it holds a small collection of books and treasured items.

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