Nautical Home Décor Ideas

Do you ever just want to escape away to the beach? Even in your own home, incorporating nautical décor can help be the daily get-away you need. Beach- and ocean-themed items are perfect for summer throughout the house or can be a great way to style a bathroom.

Are you ready to incorporate nautical home décor into your look? Here are a few tips on how you can decorate your home to feel closer to the ocean, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

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Nautical Décor Ideas
If you’re looking for a fun yet sophisticated look for a room in your home, nautical décor might be for you. Taking from the ocean, shells, driftwood andhues of blues and green are commonly found when decorating in a nautical style.

“Nautical décor continues to grow in popularity, even far inland, because it brings us back to the shore,” Kristin Whalen, award-winning kitchen andbathroom designer, said. “Dreaming about living by the sea or simply creating an all-year-round coastal oasis in your home? The good news is that you don’t have to fully re-design your room to accomplish this. You can do so by incorporating ocean hues of blue, bright whites, and reds into the space combined with décor materials that are inspired by the sailing tradition of large ships.”

The key to nautical décor is not to go overboard. Just a few simple elements and coordinating colors can be enough to take you away to the beach.

“Limit yourself to one or two heavily nautical-themed accents such as throw pillows with an anchor or sailboat models and mix them with calmer material choices such as the ever-popular shiplap walls,” Whalen said. “This will leave you with an updated room featuring the crisp, classic elements that make nautical style so great.”

Wondering where to start with your nautical décor? Here are a few ideas:

Nautical Bathroom Décor
Nautical Wall Décor
Nautical Outdoor Décor
Nautical Nursery Décor
Nautical Bedroom Decor

Nautical Bathroom Décor
One of the most common places in the home you’ll likely find a nautical home décor theme in the bathroom. The colors are friendly even for the smallest bathroom, with light blues to really brighten things up. Since navy blue and white are two trendy colors for bathrooms this year, stick with that color pallet. Add decorative anchor patterns in the shower curtains and towels for a more contemporary look.

Nautical Wall Décor
In a hallway or entryway, you can still decorate with nautical décor in mind. Wall décor is key here. Prints of shells, anchors or sailboats can create a beautiful gallery wall that will impress. For a personal touch, add large pictures of your family at the beach in between the frames.

Nautical Outdoor Décor
Naturally, the best spot for nautical home décor is outside by the pool. Use small lighthouse lawn ornaments and decorative life preservers on the exterior-facing walls to dress up your yard. On your pool deck, you might want to use globe lights that are tinted with blue and green to not only get the nautical style you’re looking for, but additional safety as well.

Nautical Nursery Décor
For a baby boy or girl, a nautical nursery can be the perfect décor theme for the newest addition to your family. Soft ocean hues will make it a peaceful space for both parent and child. A bold-striped accent wall can help complete the look. Consider adding wooden wall art with photos of lighthouses, whales, or a ships wheel to help complete the look. Rope letter art of your child’s first name is also a great way to add a personal touch to your nautical nursery décor. There’s a great DIY you can use at Love Of Family And Home.

Nautical Bedroom Décor
Adults can enjoy the nautical décor in their bedrooms too. I like using more natural materials and neutral colors in the bedroom to keep it bright and airy.Using shiplap makes for a great accent wall. Decorate with starfish, shells and use fabrics in soft blue hues. You’re guaranteed to have ocean-side dreams every night!

DIY Nautical Décor
One of the best parts about natural décor is that you can create a lot of decorative pieces yourself. Often, these are natural materials like wood planks or items you can easily find in craft stores, like shells or rope. It’s easy to get creative too. A simple idea for a table centerpiece is to fill a large bowl or glass jar with shells and blue marbles. It really is as easy as that to start creating pieces for your nautical look. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ideas over on ImproveNet’s pinterest page if you’re looking for more inspiration!

If you’re interested in changing your décor theme, the nautical look is one that will never go out of style. It’s a budget-friendly way to redecorate using natural materials and soft hues that will remind you of the beach!

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