10 of the Best Kitchen Tech

It’s no secret that smart tech is transforming how we live our lives and indeed function on a day-to-day basis. So, it’s probably of little surprise to you that, with the kitchen being the heart
of the house and probably the most-used space in your property, appliance brands are increasingly coming up with new and ingenious products to keep up with the demands of the modern homeowner.

“People want their appliances to be innovative and make their lives easier and more comfortable,” says Gino Grossi, brand manager at Grundig. “They also want to be able to manage these machines remotely to help save energy, time and money,” he says.

Sara Bazeley, brand manager at Indesit, agrees: “High-tech products that can simplify people’s lives, offer time-saving functions and are easy-to-use, are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.”

But how do you work out which technology to invest in? Read on to find out all about the latest innovations on the market, and which ones will save you time, money and energy.

Great for busy families

Grundig’s dark steel dishwasher (GNF41825Z) is an ideal addition for hectic households on the go. It costs £599.99 and features the firm’s new Corner Wash System technology.

Powered by a three-arm spray and specially designed nozzle, this feature ensures every surface of your dishwasher’s contents will be thoroughly cleaned.

It also includes unique odour-removing IonFresh technology, which gets rid of bad smells without releasing any harmful gases or chemicals.

For added time efficiency, the Grundig has partnered with Amazon’s internet-connected Dash Replenishment Service. So as soon as the dishwasher starts running low on detergent and rinse aid, a new batch will be automatically ordered for you.

Great for healthy living

In the UK, we waste around 10 million tonnes of food every year, according WRAP. If you’re keen to reduce the amount you waste at home, consider investing in the Hotpoint Day-1 fridge freezer (XUL 85T2Z XOV), from around £599.

This stylish product comes with various technologies and benefits to help keep bacteria at bay and ensure food lasts for longer, which in turn minimises waste.

Clever features include an Active Fresh Filter, which absorbs the ethylene gas produced by fruit and veggies, and a SuperCool+ function. This works to cool food from 70°C to 3°C quickly with a blast of crisp air, which means you can easily pop freshly prepared dishes or leftovers straight in the fridge without having to wait hours for them to cool down.

Great for quick suppers

With WiFi connectivity, you can monitor and control the Samsung Dual Flex oven (which costs from £589) anytime anywhere using the smartThings App.

You can preheat the oven on your way home or turn it off while on the go. It allows users to prepare various types of dishes simultaneously without compromising cooking performance or passing on smells and flavours between different dishes.

What’s more, the appliance comes with a HomeCare Wizard, which helps users to maintain the oven in optimal condition with alerts of potential issues, troubleshooting and accurate diagnostics monitoring and control. Modern labour-saving appliances and pre-prepared food mean sophisticated meals can be quickly conjured up in a relatively compact space. Plus, having the dining table positioned alongside the kitchen allows hosts to be part of the conversation when guests are over for dinner.

This does mean that our kitchens are more on display to visitors and there’s an opportunity to make them a major design feature of the home.

Want to design the perfect kitchen? Here’s what you need to think about before you start buying cabinets, and how much you can expect to pay according to your design choices.

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Great for the multi-task chef

For optimum efficiency, the Miele DA7198W Triple cooker hood (£1,849) and DA6498W Pure cooker hood, (£1,775, shown in above image) both benefit from [email protected] 2.0 technology.

This means you can link either one up via WiFi to a compatible Miele induction hob and they will talk to each other to adjust extraction depending on what dishes you’re preparing.

You can control the cooker hood via an app on your smartphone, tablet or Amazon Alexa without even touching the appliance.

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