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Who is Rey's Father and 12 Other The Force Awakens Questions

My wife and I saw the 8 pm showing of The Force Awakens on the IMAX, which was a great way to see the film. We have talked about the movie on and off for the past hour or so and we have a very similar opinion of the film. Overall, i think it was a good fun movie.

There were great performances especially from Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boega (Finn), and Harrison Ford (Han Solo).  Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew and Joonas Suotamo) was great in this movie, and BB-8 was awesome in every scene.

The people who didn't like the prequels will probably love the familiarity of this movie. I, for one, would have liked a little more originality.  With of all the familiar elements in this film, it seems that the writers leaned heavily on Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope for their inspiration for this story.

(SPOILER WARNING - Part of the plot are mentioned below)

My Questions After Seeing The Force Awakens

1.  Why was Rey abandoned on Jakku?  Who is her father?  Who abandoned her?
We get a flash back scene, and we see a hand hear a voice that sounds like Unkar Plutt, and we see a ship fly away.  Rey was just a child.  Who would have abandoned her on this desert planet?  Why would her family leave her?  Or perhaps a better question is, why was she taken from her family?  Was she being hidden on Jakku much like Luke was hidden on Tatooine.  If we continue to follow the logic of the original trilogy, it would make more sense that she is not the daughter not of Luke Skywalker.  Why would our heroic Jedi abandon his daughter?  So, who is Rey's father?  My theory is she was being hidden from her evil father, Supreme Leader Snoke, and he believes her to be dead.

2.  How long ago did Luke leave? 
A lot had change in the galaxy, since Luke went into hiding after the fall of Ben.  How many years had he been gone?  It must have taken several years to construct that planet sized Star Killer Base, and so we could assume it was at some point before that.

3. Where was Luke's Hiding Place in the Force Awakens?
I have been keeping up with all of the Star Wars novels that are a part of the new canon, and it seems to me that Luke's hiding place in the Force Awakens was possibly Omereth. This planet first appeared near the end of the "Heir to the Jedi" novel.  You can listen to this Star Wars novel for free.  If you're new to Audible, you can sign-up for a free trial that includes two free audio books.  I would also recommend Dark Disciple or Lords of the Sith.  Sign-up today.

4.  Why did Ben fall to the dark side?  How did Snoke turn him away from the light, away from his master Luke, and away from his mother and father?
Kylo Ren was an interesting villain.  He was scared of still having good inside of him.  He wants to be evil.  Since he stuck down his father, he may become more powerful in future films.  In this film, he demonstrated that he is extremely strong with the force, but Rey, with no training, is able to get the best of him a couple of occasions.  Snoke is using Kylo much as Han stated, but now that the force has awakened with Rey, she would probably be a more desirable apprentice for Snoke. 

5.  Which planets were destroyed by the Star Killer Base?  Was the New Republic wiped out?
We see the destruction of several planets at the hands of the Star Killer Base.  The weapon firing reminded me of the classic video game, Mission Command.  We are told that the Senate was destroyed, which was another one of those plot points from A New Hope.  The First Order struck a devastating blow against the galaxy.  The Resistance mentions that they do not have the New Republic's Fleet at their disposal, which was destroyed along with the planets.  Did these worlds include Coruscant?  Who remains?

6.  Who was Max von Sydow portraying?  How was this character connected to Luke?
 He is listed as "Lor San Tekka" on imdb.  Luke did not have many friends that were still alive after the Battle of Endor.  Tekka seemed like a close friend and seemed to know the ways of the Jedi, at least to some degree.  Could he have been in hiding for many years?  Is he connected to Star Wars The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels or the original Star Wars trilogy?  Like many of the questions, this seems like a story we should get from Del Rey, in a Star Wars novel.

7. Why wasn't Leia a Jedi?
Leia is a general and not a princess.  Except being sensitive enough to the force to know that Han had been killed, we have no other indication that she has honed her force abilities, since the Battle of Endor.  Did she reject Luke's training?  Was she too focused on the New Republic or The Resistance?  Will this be explored further in future films or in the new canon?

8.  What's the deal Mas Kanata?
She was like a combination of Yoda and Hondo Ohnaka (Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels).  She was connected with smugglers and pirates, but she had also lived for a 1,000 years and was somewhat familiar with the Jedi and the force.  The story of how she was in possession of Anakin/Luke's lightsaber is begging to be told.  Also like several characters her fate was left uncertain.  Her castle was destroyed, but the other heroes escaped, so she is probably still out there somewhere.

9.  Who is Finn's family?
He says that he was pulled from his family and sent to training.  Based on comments from Hux, we learned that he was programmed to fight for the First Order.  Is he connected to any other characters in the galaxy that we are familiar with?  Was he taken away from Lando Calrissian or Zare Leonis (Star Wars Rebels), as a child?

10. Why did R2-D2 awaken?
 C-3PO informs BB-8 that R2-D2 has been in low power mode, since Master Luke left.  Did R2-D2 wake up because of force sensitive Rey returning the Resistance base?  Was this programmed by Luke?  So that only a light side force sensitive person could find him?

11.  Is Poe connected to anyone from previous Star Wars stories?
Since he is the best pilot in the galaxy, it would only seem fitting for him to be connected to the Skywalker family.  At any rate, more of Poe's backstory would be a great novel for Del Rey.

12.  Why did C-3PO get bigger?
I can understand a real world answer, that Anthony Daniels is not a small as he used to be, but it seems that 3PO was noticeable larger than in previous films.  The red arm may have been an attempt to distract us from the rest of his frame.  What happened to this droid?

13.  Did Captain Phasma have too much hype?
This character looks awesome, but she was only featured in a few scenes.  It seems that she should have died in a garbage smasher before the Star Killer Base Exploded; however, since we did not see her death, there is a chance she will return in Episode VIII.   If she returns, I hope she is utilized more.

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